Volunteer Spotlight

| Posted on 15 January, 2014

Habitat would like to shine a special light of thanks on General Store Volunteer, Ms. Betty!

Volunteerism is one of the highlights of how and why the Habitat model is so effective. Every day volunteers make an impact not only by helping to build homes on our construction sites, but also in our General Stores – and some go above and beyond a day’s commitment. Ms. Betty, a long term volunteer, has made a permanent impact in the Portsmouth General Store.

A native of North Carolina, Ms. Betty has lived in the South Hampton Roads area for two years, and she discovered the Habitat Portsmouth Store one day on a ride home from church. Inspired by Habitat’s warm and welcoming staff and her love of the business model, she took it upon herself to establish an in house bookstore; labeling the shelves, decorating the walls and tables, and spreading her love of reading.

Armed with her passion for books, Ms. Betty is always ready with a kind smile and thoughtful reading recommendations at a moment’s notice. She also loves meeting new people, from the Veterans who frequent the history section and share stories of their service to the medical student who comes by to review science books before class. She even swaps recipes with some customers!

About books that are donated to the store, Ms. Betty says, “you truly never know what’s coming in.” Her efforts have helped create a collection of over 1,000 books for sale – with some rare treasures that you can’t find anywhere else in the local community.

Habitat for Humanity’s life blood is volunteers like Ms. Betty, and through volunteerism each year hundreds of other men, women, and youth bring us closer to realizing our vision of building a South Hampton Roads where everyone has a safe, affordable place to call home. If you’re interested in becoming a Habitat SHR volunteer in our stores or on the construction site, please visit our new Volunteer Hub. If you’d like to buy or donate household items, building materials, and of course, gently used books, please visit any of our four General Store locations or call 757.640.0594 for your free donation pick up.


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Posted by Cory

on 9 February, 2014 at 16:51

Ms. Betty to most but Grandmaw to me, I could not be happier to see you getting recognized for your awesome character and amazing qualities that have influenced so many including myself! Keep shining your light on others as I feel it all the way from Myrtle Beach!
Your grandson,