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This Week In Construction – Marcus Street (February 16th 2019)

Posted on 16 February, 2019

This week our volunteers started working on the porch railing, hung the shudders, installed the door hardware on the interior doors, and laid luan under-layment down throughout the house where the vinyl flooring will go in. Our subcontractors poured the driveway, porches and walkway. Our HVAC subcontractor put in their equipment and vent covers. Next […]

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This Week In Construction – Marcus Street (February 12th 2019)

Posted on 10 February, 2019

More progress this week at Marcus Street! Driveway, porches and walk are in. Porch posts are set. Everything is painted, baseboard is in and the yard is graded. Coming down to the finish line! It really looks like a house and less like a construction site now. Wait until you see the inside! Our volunteers […]

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First Settlers Region Porsche Club Sponsor Build – February 2, 2019

Posted on 5 February, 2019

The Porsche Club came out again for another Sponsor Build Saturday February 2nd at Marcus Street They painted the inside of the entire house, two coats and started painting all the interiors doors. These hardworking volunteers from the Porsche Club not only helped paint the house, but they’ve been helping at all phases of the build […]

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Knights of Columbus- Porsche Club Sponsor Build

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We had a great time January 25th when the Knights of Columbus came out for a build. They helped raise money as part of the Porsche Club Sponsorship, so had a Team Build for their members. They helped prime the house at Marcus Street and did a great job. See the pictures here taken by our […]

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First Settlers Region Porsche Club Team Build

Posted on 24 January, 2019

Jan 12th First Settlers Region Porsche Club Sponsor Build The Porsche Club, sponsors of our Marcus Street build came out once again to help on the build Jan 12th. They helped start siding on the front and sides of the house, installed soffit on the front and finished installing the windows. Looking forward to having them […]

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