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| Posted on 28 January, 2014

More than Meets the Eye:  Recycling & Repurposing in our General Stores

It’s often said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this definitely rings true for Jana McRory.  A Chesapeake Public Schools pre-school teacher with an artistic eye, Mrs. McRory is a master at discovering fabulous finds at our Habitat General Stores.  Her frequent trips to our Norfolk store would cause anyone to mistake her for a builder or new homeowner embarking on major renovations.  But unlike many of our traditional shoppers, she’s not replacing cabinets or installing new floors.  She’s on the hunt for materials to create fun and functional home décor.

From trivets to pillows to party trays – Mrs. McRory finds creative ways to repurpose discarded construction bits and pieces to make unique, do-it-yourself items for her home.  She recently shared her thrifty design approach with Habitat SHR.  Here, we give you the scoop on how Mrs. McRory created an artsy party tray with a $25 box of tile – purchased at our Norfolk Store.

Step One:

Come up with a concept for your design. For this project, Mrs. McRory used floral design tiles – purchased from our Norfolk store location – with different colors, but similar tones.

Step Two:

Arrange the tile on a stained wooden tray (another thrift store find) and place a piece of cardboard on top.  Flip the cardboard upside down, after taking a picture for reference.  Place a layer of tile mortar in the bottom of the tray, and then place the tile into it according to your design preference.  Let it dry.  Finish the second layer and let it dry.

Step Three:

Serve your guests and enjoy the party!

Mrs. McRory designed a great conversation piece for her guests.  What better way to encourage others to support the efforts of Habitat for Humanity, while creating great decorative items on a dime!


**All proceeds from Habitat for Humanity General Stores benefit the families we serve through our housing programs.


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