Habitat DIY: The Perfect Backyard Bench!

| Posted on 22 July, 2015

With the help of our construction and ReStore team, we’ve outlined a DIY summer project that requires minimal effort. It’s simple, easy to assemble and budget friendly!

Looking to add a new design element to your patio or backyard? A cinderblock bench is a simple way to ReFresh your outdoor motif on a budget. Create extra eating for those end of summer BBQ’s and garden parties or build your bench around a fire pit for a fun night of s’mores in preparation for the winter ahead. Either way, your guests will appreciate your creativity! Here’s a four-step approach to creating a unique design that you can enjoy year-round!

Materials Required
12 cinderblocks (6 for each side)
4 – 4X4X 10 ft. treated lumber post
Concrete adhesive
Decorative cushions of your choice

Step 1
To get started, make sure the ground around the area you choose to build your bench is leveled. To level, place four cinderblocks vertically, side by side. Measure out a distance of approximately 8 – 9 ft. across from the four you just lay, to repeat this step and lay out four more. Dig out the dirt around both sides. These will be your base blocks.

Step 2
Once the ground is leveled, place two cinderblocks horizontally, across the four base blocks. You will do this for both the left and right sides of your bench. Once this is complete, use four lumber posts that are about 10 ft. in length (4x4x10) to make up the seating area. Feed each post through the open holes in the horizontal blocks. To make sure your seating doesn’t collapse; leave at least 6 in. of the lumber post sticking out on both sides. Remember, for smaller seating, you can always trim the excess wood to your liking.

Step 3
After placing the wooden posts and cinderblock to your liking, you are now ready to assemble the cinderblocks and post permanently. Remember, the first two steps were simply to get an idea of where you wanted to place the bench and how you wanted to adjust your seating. Temporarily remove the lumber post and cinderblocks. Next, use a concrete adhesive to set the blocks back in place. Allow the adhesive to set completely. You can also paint the cinderblocks during this step to add a pop of color to your bench. For this process, we recommend using exterior paint.

Step 4
After the adhesive has dried, feed the 4”X4”X10 ft. lumber post back through the top holes of the cinderblocks once again. Find a cozy cushion or decorative set of pillows for the seating area. Let your imagination run wild! Now you’re ready to kick back and relax with your favorite book and a cool summer drink.

At our ReStores, we’re all about sharing great deals and savings. Be sure to check out any one of our three store locations to purchase these items at a discounted price. Let us know if you decide to tackle this project. We would love to see your creativity come to life! Share your pictures with us on Facebook and Twitter with the tag #HabitatReStoreDIY, we’re happy to repost.

-Habitat SHR ReStores


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