Family Services – Meet the Leach-Herring Family

| Posted on 13 July, 2018

The Family Services for Habitat for Humanity would like to introduce our newest Habitat Family, the Leach-Herring family who have been paired with our 906 Lake Kennedy House sponsored by Wells Fargo.

“I never imagined in all of my childhood years that I would own a home in Suffolk VA.  All the obstacles that I faced,  growing up in New York City, living in an overcrowded house with family, being deserted by my parents, and being a teenage mom.  I was the prime example or statistic to what so many sociologists, psychologists, clinical social workers believed about foster children.  On the other hand, some specialists knows about how some foster children can be resilient.  I am one of the resilient ones.

Due to my experiences, I was determined to be the best mom ever.  At 25 years of age, I stepped out on faith and decided that I would move to Virginia with my fiancé.  A year and a half later, we became parents to our third girl.  Unexpectedly in 2010, we became parents to our one and only boy.

Thus far, I can truly say it is so rewarding to be a mother and I am very proud of my children. Throughout my oldest daughter’s school career, she has excelled academically and behaviorally.  She continues to soar at Hampton University.  My rising 10th grader, 8th grader and 3rd grader have followed in their sister’s footsteps; they are honor roll students, good citizens, and dedicated community band members.

My journey to my destiny has been steady and progressive.  I became Mrs. Herring in 2009.  I was promoted to department manager while working at Walmart.  I earned a license.  I have been promoted and received many accolades from my current employer Terminix.

Lastly to become a homeowner, I am grateful for this opportunity and to be an addition to the great homeowners you serve.”


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