A Living Memorial: Remembering our Heroes

| Posted on 23 May, 2014

By: Stanley Bryant, RADM, USN (RET)

In celebration of Memorial Day, we remember our fallen Soldiers, Sailors Airmen and Marines and honor their service to our great country. We gather for parades, community observances, or visit the final resting place of our loved ones – in sincere gratitude for their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice in preservation of our freedom.

As a Retired Admiral, it is especially heartwarming to see the tributes in honor of those who have lost their lives in the line of duty; yet, it is bittersweet. Too often, we offer accolades and recognize the service of our loved ones when they are no longer in our presence. I have witnessed several beautiful memorial services, and often think about how wonderful it would have been for my fellow comrades to hear such favorable remarks and witness the acts of kindness delivered in their honor. The saying “give me my flowers while I yet live,” comes to mind as I reflect on the sacrifices of our active duty military and Veterans. Memorial Day should not only serve as a celebratory reminder of the selfless contributions of our fallen heroes, but also for those who continue to serve and protect our freedom. As you make provisions to observe this special holiday, I encourage you to join Habitat SHR as we honor and serve our military families that we are so fortunate to have with us today.

Habitat for Humanity is especially committed to providing services and resources to those who have served our country in uniform. Through the Habitat for Heroes program, Habitat SHR provides Veteran and active-duty military families with access to affordable homeownership. Many of our military families face critical housing issues. Nearly 1 million Veterans who own homes are severely cost burdened despite having access to VA loans and other assistance, and approximately 1.4 million Veterans live in poverty. Habitat for Heroes is a call to action and an aggressive effort to address this need. We need your help.

Consider supporting the Habitat for Heroes program by purchasing a symbolic floral wreath – in honor of a fallen military member and in support of a living military hero. Your donation of $50 or more will help to ensure that our military families across South Hampton Roads have a safe and secure place to call home. Join us as we present them their “flowers,” while their service continues…

To make a donation, visit http://shrhabitat.org/donate/. For more information on Habitat for Heroes, visit www.shrhabitat.org.

Stanley Bryant is also the Committee Chair of the Habitat for Heroes Program.


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